We’ve been exploring the notion of self worth in my recent classes. I’m a big believer in the power of affirmations, and this is a mantra I like to weave into my guided meditations.

I used to struggle with feeling worthy and didn’t always look for validation in the right places. I was told by medium years ago that everything I was looking for was within. She was almost certainly a charlatan (as my Dad would put it!) but with regards to that comment she was on the money.

Too often we seek external validation for the simple reason we don’t feel worthy just as we are. It may be Instagram likes, through romantic partners or even through our relationship with money. This can lead to toxic relationships and toxic thoughts. It’s true that self acceptance is a lifetimes work, and there will always be those niggling doubts in the back of our head, our ‘monkey mind’. But it is also possible to learn to love ourselves just as we are.

It has been a challenging journey, but I feel so lucky to accept myself and believe I am enough just as I am. This isn’t defined by my job, my partner or my possessions, those are just the wonderful aspects of my life I have added in. The feeling of inner peace that self acceptance generates is magnificent and it is my true desire for you to experience this very same emotion.

I invite you to use the mantra ‘I am enough’. Repeat it in your mind or out loud every day. Look in the mirror and say it. Live it, breath it, believe it. When those doubts creep in remind yourself of it. Because guess what? It’s true.

You are enough. Just as you are. In this very moment, without the need to change anything.

Have a beautiful day


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