In last week’s Calm & Connect we worked through a series of back bends in a class that was sequenced to invoke feelings of positivity.

Backbends are an amazing tool for our bodies and minds. We spend most of our days hunched over, so this movement counteracts that and really open up the shoulders and chest. Some other benefits of back bends include:

Create more space for the lungs to allow more oxygen in
Posture – counteract the damage of bad posture
Builds strength and endurance
Stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, energising the body
Opens the heart chakra – this is why many people feel emotional after backbends!
Opens hip flexors
Provides a natural painkiller for back pain
Improves mood
Improves immunity & stimulates lymphatic system – this is because the movement compresses the thymus gland & lymph nodes

I am guilty of not including enough backbends in my self-led practise, but after deepening my research I recognise just how fundamental they are in yoga.

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