Avana Yoga

50 hour Yin YTTC

50 hour, Yin Yoga Teacher Training, can be counted as Additional Education Hours for Yoga Alliance.

Experience the opportunity to delve deep into the Yinside, personify the profound practice and master the techniques to teach this form of yoga. Fascinating and educational training which upon completion will give you the skill and understanding to deepen your personal practice and guide others confidently in theirs.

Components of a 50-hour YIN TEACHER TRAINING

Areas of study include:

  • The main focus of this Yin Yoga Teacher Training is the understanding of the Asana practic

  • Each day will comprise of two Asana Practices. 1 Teacher Lead and 1 Student Lead. Student Lead practice does allow the student to use notes and is for the purpose of ‘finding your voice’ and perfecting your observation skills as a teacher and finding comfort and confidence in giving direction in and out of the pose and being effective and intuitive with the use of props

  • Two theory classes per day: one will cover teaching methodology and the other covering the history and the principal of yin, anatomy and meridians

  • 27 Yin Yoga Asana

  • Asana explained in full

  • How to come in to the pose

  • How to come out of the pose

  • Use of Props while in the pose

  • Target area/s

  • Joints affected

  • Benefits

  • Variations and modifications

  • Anatomy

  • Individual anatomical formation, the interaction of bones, muscles, ligaments, joints and fascia

  • Proportion and Orientation

  • Tension versus Compression

  • Connective tissue

  • Fascia

  • Meridians

  • Limitations and the uniqueness of the human body. In Yin Yoga, we are aware of and respect the differences of the individual skeletal structure of every individual. Each pose will be adapted to the personal needs of the student and will look different for each of us

  • Teaching methodology principles of assists

  • Developing a functional approach to Yoga (Function & Aesthetic)

  • Exploring the Taoist concept of Yin & Yang

  • Motion analysis in the group, understanding the impact of individual bone structure (compression) in the Asana practice

  • How to sequence effectively

  • Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Meridians of the body

Learning Outcomes

  • Know, and be able to apply, the Principles of the Yin Practice

  • Have learnt to apply the art of observation, adjustment and the effective use of props in asana

  • Be confident in using the asana names, know there target areas and joint they affect

  • Understand and be able to apply the art of sequencing

  • Understand, and be able to explain compression and tension and understand what limits our range of motion

  • Know what meridians are and be aware of the 12 main meridian lines of the body and what asana stimulates them

Eligibility + Pre-Requisites

  • This course will be delivered in English and therefore a good understanding of spoken and written English is required

  • Students should have a personal yoga practice, an open mind and a willingness to learn

  • Students should recognise that the course will be demanding throughout. Successful completion of the course will require significant effort, focus and dedication. In this respect, students should ensure that they are emotionally and physically fit for this undertaking and fully committed to the course

  • If you are unsure of your eligibility to book onto the training, please contact us for advice


Certificates will be awarded on successful completion of the course. Upon the completion of your Yin Yoga Teacher Training, you will have all the basic knowledge and skills required to teach a Yin Yoga class with confidence and the ability to give your students individual assists, modifications and variations where necessary. This course will also deepen your own Yin Yoga practice, giving you more awareness and respect to the limitations of your body.You will understand why two people will never experience the same yoga posture in the same way, and the same pose may look different on every person due to the individual bone structure. Written and practical assessments will have to be completed at the end of the course; in order to graduate students must attend a minimum of 90% of the course. Should a student miss more than this, they will be required to take catch-up classes as agreed with the tutor. These will incur an additional charge.





March 1 – March 31


Goa, India

Spet 1 – Oct31


Goa, India

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to bring your practice to a new level, If you want become certified Yoga teacher.


Our 200-hour yoga certification course is perfectly suitable for beginners as well as more experienced Classical Hatha Yoga practitioners. You will learn all the aspects of Hatha Yoga from experienced teachers during the course. In addition you will also learn about other forms of yoga. Prior experience is beneficial but not required.


No one can do all the postures, and everyone has their limitations. So, it is not a problem if you are not flexible in body movements but it is important that you are willing to learn and develop.